Pest infestation is a common problem day. The effects of past infestation range from contamination to massive property damage depending on the nature of the outbreak. When trying to make ends meet and at the same time attend to some family responsibilities, most homeowners miss out on some simple yet essential things. For instance, most homeowners invest in rodent control only to realize that termites are causing much havoc. That said, this article looks at reasons to have a termite inspection.

Visible Damage

One of the most visible signs of termite infestation is visible damage to woodentermite on wood structures. If by any chance you can see some damaged wooden structures chances are that you have extensive wood damage. Termite attack wooden structures from inside moving out – they start with the inner parts moving out. Thus, once the damage visible on the outside, the chances are that these uninvited guests have been around for some time.

Mud Tubes

Mud Tubes are another warning sign or termite infestation. Ideally, mud tubes are commonly shelters for subterranean termites ad it is where the return to after a “busy day” of causing havoc. If you see these tube anywhere on your property, you can be sure that termite activity has just begun. But since some termite species do not build mud tubes, it is advisable to schedule an inspection even before you start seeing these tubes.

Neighbors Complaining of Termite Infestation

If by any chance you come across your neighbor complaining or termites, and you are yet to see them in your home, schedule an inspection with a pest control expert ASAP. Ideally, termite only swam when food supplies are low. Thus, with enough food, they tend to be somewhat discreet in their operations. If your neighbors are complaining of swarms, then there is an active colony nearby.

You’ve Had Termites Before

termites on compoundIf by any chance you have dealt with termite infestation, it is advisable to keep up with routine inspections. Ideally, one outbreak does not always lead to another, but it is best to keep checking. You can have your property inspected after every six months or one year. It is better safe than sorry.

It is always advisable to work with a team of professionals for termite infestation and related services If you live in Atlanta, termite control experts can be of great help when it comes to identification and eradication of termites.