At some point in life, we have to move from a place we have called home. And once that moment happens, we must make sure that the shelter we leave behind falls into the right hand. Besides, putting a proper price tag is also necessary for that context.

Here, we will learn the essential factors that a house owner must carefully think about before it changes hands.

Selling On Your Own Is Not Going to Be Easy

signing documentsThe possibility for you to sell your property by yourself depends strongly on where you live. Some states may require a process more complicated than other places, but one thing for sure is that you are going to deal with a lot of paperwork. Even though the payoffs look profitable, you must consider the amount of time and energy you must dedicate to complete the whole process.

First, you may need to surveys the prices on the local market. In the US, there is the Federal Housing Finance Agency. On their site, you can use the price calculator to get a glimpse on the value of your house.

Second, you need to reach your buyer through advertising. And here is where things will get tricky. If you have a job, you should rather avoid selling your house at all because the marketing step will undoubtedly cost you a considerable amount of time.

Third, you are liable to take care of the ownership contracts, transaction documents, and insurance. One thing to remember is that you are still liable to legal consequences should any feature of your house does not match the contract.

Hiring a Professional Agency

a professional realtorIn the US, selling properties without agencies still sounds like a reasonable idea. However, if you own a real estate elsewhere, like in Singapore or Hong Kong for example, then hiring a realtor is obligatory, or at least, you are situated not to have an option. In that case, if you know how to choose the right agency, you will be at an advantage.

First, you must look for a realtor that is well-established and reputable. The more clients they have dealt with, the more accurate and richer their database is. In Singapore, most houses are flats. And when we talk about selling property, the potential buyers there are so diverse in both professional backgrounds and ethnic groups. Some of them tend to flock together in a particular region and do not feel comfortable to live somewhere else. And if you have little knowledge about this kind of fact, you are most likely to market your house to the wrong target.

Second, although an agency appears convincing on their website, it would be better for you to visit their office directly to evaluate them by yourself. A busy office means that they are having many clients to handle, which is a condition that will increase the probability for your house to sell fast.

Remodeling to Increase the Selling Value

repainting the fenceIf you are not in a hurry, you should think about how to increase your house’s value effectively. You must bear in mind that the profits from selling the house can be your ticket to live a better life.

First, if you do not have the budget to upgrade your house, you must at least refurbish it. And among all parts of the house, the exterior elements that form the curb appeal are supposed to be your primary concern. You should repair any broken roof, windows, and doors. The garden should look pretty and neat too.

Second, you must inspect all the utility parts of the house and make sure that they are all working correctly. The best way to do this is to hire an estate auditor. They can check all the essential things, like energy efficiency, the plumbing condition, and the structural strength of the house.