Imagine having a picnic planned out only for a line of ants to show up and ruin the occasion. Alternatively, an irritating mosquito swarm when enjoying a barbecue with work colleagues. No one would want to spot a mouse, cockroach or spider roaming freely through their property. Briefly described are nine pest control tips that will keep critters and bugs off your property.

1. Block Their Entryway

First, start with the basics – block their path of entry. Examine all surfaces for holes, repairing any you unravel. Gaps around the doors and windows should then be sealed. You can have a window stripping redo if necessary.

2. Cleanliness Is Key

After having breakfast, avoid leaving piles of breadcrumbs scattered around which are a delicacy of insects and ants. Let them find the free meal elsewhere, either outside or far off. Ensure your kitchen counters are wiped clean after use, floors swept or vacuumed regularly, and food remains put away or thrown in the trash immediately.

3. Drain out Stagnant Water

There is a way of controlling mosquitoes, and the secret lies in destroying their breeding area. Any water puddle or accumulation of stagnant water is an ideal mosquito habitat as it forms a breeding ground. Stagnant water puddles are easy to dismiss or spot, so many go unnoticed. Examine below rain spouts, leaking air conditioning, or small toys scattered in the yard that are hollow or cup-shaped.

keeping yard clean

4. Yard Maintenance

Regularly maintain your yard or front lawn to prevent an overgrowth situation which only invites nesting or pests. Any trees, shrubs or bushes close to the house should be trimmed. The same applies to rake debris and occasional weeding.

5. Consume Your Veggies and Fruits

If your fruits and vegetables over-ripen you end up with a situation of fruit flies. How they find their way into your cupboard shelf remains a mystery. Once they see their way into the room, it is a headache getting rid of them.

6. Carefully Store Your Firewood

Failure to have your firewood stored safely results in a termite infestation. Keep the firewood away from the main house or shed. A minimum distance of five feet is suitable enough. When stored, have it racked some distance above the ground surface.

7. Carefully Dispose of Your Meat

Only throw away meat scraps into the garbage bag if you anticipate a garbage truck to empty it within 48 hours. A combination of the summer sun and rotting meat will encourage unwanted pests to flourish. Mat will act as the catalyst.

8. Inspect Outdoor Furniture or Swings

Examine the chains or corner edges for spider webs or insect egg sacks. Anytime you spot them, remove immediately. Where possible, avoid using chemicals as these are commonly used areas.

9. Keep outside Toys out and Indoor Toys In

If you have to bring in a chair, toy or table, have it carefully examined for pest infestation and wiped down comprehensively.

man in a house duck


The only way of getting close to a pest free home is by using a pest control service. Within the house, regularly spray for rodents and bugs. Pest control experts will do an inventory of all that needs fixing and work accordingly.