A water leak is a notorious domestic issue. It happens within your walls, and the damages appear visible to eyes only after they get severe. What’s worse, that scenario is only one example of plumbing problems. There are many other that you must be aware of. And in most of those cases, only a professional plumber who can provide proper repair.

That’s why, before we get into the reasons, you must have at least five to ten contacts of certified plumbers in your area. For instance, if you live in Bellingham, Bellingham Plumbing Pros is the best plumber Bellingham you can get. Check them out!

Now, let’s explore the reasons why you should check your plumbing pipework regularly and fix any damages you find on them immediately.

It Is a Threat to the House’s Wall and Floor

mold in the wallMost pipework is planted within the wall. If you notice peeling paint, it is a sign of excessive moisture beneath it. You may watch some DIY tutorials on YouTube, and the most typical quick solution is to seal the damp parts of the wall with a sealant liquid. However, you can’t fight the water. If you close its path, it will create another. And usually, it will seep out through the wall to the floor. This moisture problem can lead to much more expensive damage if you use wooden flooring. And even slabs can still let some of the moisture escape to the surface. Once that happens, you can expect mold or other gooey substances under your carpet.

It Can Damage Your Goods

Water leaks degrade your belongings over time, especially if you are a fan of wooden furniture. Even if the label says that the wood has been treated to be moisture-proof, it won’t last forever. The coating layer has its life expectancy, and if it is constantly faced with a high moisture environment, its lifetime will shorten for sure.

Besides, if you have some cables planted within the structure of your house, water leaks can increase the risk of electrical faults. Remember that almost 50% of the housefire cases started with electrical combustion.

Plumbing Issues Can Be Unhealthy

Leaks on the clean water pipes can be bearable, but if they happen on the wastewater drainage, your health will be at risk as well. Bacterial infection, unpleasant smell enshrouding the house, and dirty mess are the problems you can expect if you have issues on your wastewater drainage system.

Moreover, if you have the pipes of the clean water and wastewater placed side by side, contamination can happen. As a result, the water in your bathroom and kitchen can be dangerous to use.